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Achieving Success

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Success for others is the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted. Another one is, the gaining of fame and prosperity. But for me, my definition of success is when you were able to be happy after all the hard work that paid off. It`s not about money, wealth and material things that we could get in this world, it is the sense of fulfillment when you know you`ve done your best and you`ve felt the feeling that you deserve. Before we go any further, we need to understand that we are where we are today because of the decisions we’ve made—decisions about what to focus on, decisions about where to place our priorities, decisions about what things mean and decisions about what to do. Recently, we had our Open Book competition for our English subject. Since I was the president of the class, it was really hard for me to control and convince all of my classmates to help and strive hard to win the competition. There are times when I felt like giving up because of the troubles that we encountered but I had to be strong enough for my class because if I`m going to be weak, then the whole class will not participate anymore. I always thought that being determined and strong for them is the best thing that I could give back for the trust that they have given me as their Governor. And so, I did my part. I explained to them how I feel and how we should work on together to achieve success. After 2 weeks of preparing for the said event, here comes the most awaited moment for all of us, the actual presentation. Few minutes before, we all prayed together and ask the guidance of our Heavenly Father. Then lights camera, action! I`m glad all of us did an awesome job. It was like the moment was really meant for our class. We we`re all happy about what we did. And yes, we won the Open Book competition. Winning is just like a bonus for our class for the…...

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