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ACME University Information Systems Department
Service Request

Requested By: Hiram Lutz
Department: Student Community Services
Contact: Phone: 7634 E-mail:
Request Type: __(__ New System ____ Enhancement ____ Error Correction
The Office of Student Community Services (OSCS) provides assistance to non-profit agencies in the community. OSCS serves as a facilitator that matches students that wish to perform community service with agencies that need labor for their events.

Typically, agencies will conduct numerous events during the academic year and need multiple people to participate in each event. Likewise, a student, who may belong to one or more student organizations, will usually engage in several events from different agencies throughout the year, and could work on multiple occasions at the same event. However, a student will only work at a specific event once on a single day. A given event is sponsored by only one agency.

Currently all OSCS records on these activities are kept in Excel spreadsheets, but this approach has become unwieldy as the popularity of OSCS’s services has increased among agencies and student organizations. At this point we need to better automate this record keeping. As the first phase of this task we would like to have a database created that will allow us to store all of the relevant data on the student organizations, students, agencies, events, and match-ups that our office coordinates.

The following are lists of the data that we would like to store:

For Student Organizations • ID • Name

For Students • ID • Name (First, MI, Last) • Local Address (Street, City, State, Zip) • Phone • E-mail address (and an indication if the student prefers to receive communications via email) • The term the student entered ACME

For Agencies • ID • Name • Address (Street, City, State, Zip) • Contact Name • Contact Phone • Contact E-mail address (and an indication if the contact prefers to receive communications via email)

For Agency Events • ID • Description

For Student Participation in Each Agency Event • Date • Hours Served • Description of Participation

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