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U05a1: The Importance of Coaching

MBA 6220: Appreciative Coaching

Dr. Sara Orem

Frenchie Smalls

November 13, 2011

Coaching in this new era is a very critical leadership practice. There are so many changes and circumstances in today’s business world that has competitive pressures. In the twenty-first century stronger business can be built, with effective training and leadership skills. The success of our business world to day lies in the hands of our leaders. The key is the talent and know how of a leader and the dedication of its people. In order for business to prosper and survive in the twenty first century they must find individuals who want to lead people and those who can take up the reins of leadership for tomorrow. Today’s leaders must be able to manage themselves in a global environment. They must be capable of interacting with customers, employees, suppliers. Today’s leaders must understand their own reactions to change and transitions in order to coach others. Identifying your own personal flaws will help others in the process. To establish a good coaching relationship three things need to be established: commitment, rapport, and collaboration.

Both coach and coachee must agree to the coaching process. Coaching addresses specific personal projects, business opportunities or general conditions in the coachee’s personal life or workplace. Coaching services includes value clarifications, strength analysis, brainstorming, creation of plans of action, examining modes of operating in life, clarifying questions and challenges to stats quo. The coach will engage in direct and personal conversations. And in turn expect the coachee to be honest and as straightforward when asking questions and making their requests of the coach.

Coaching enhances human capacity and development in a strategic manner. In order to have an effective...

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