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Action Research Final Project Part 1

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Part One Final Project
ODA Action Research Project
L. Moore
Kaplan University
GM505 Action Research and Consulting Skills
Dr. Heidi Gregory-Mina, MBA, MS
August 26, 2014

Part One Final Project
This project takes a look at implementing a new software application process for the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) Outdoor Advertising Office (ODA), the stakeholders that will be affected by the new software, its expectations, the data methods that will be used, and the ground work involved. This software program is definitely needed and I believe that all parties involved will be pleased with its results.
Scope and Purpose
Georgia Department of Transportation Outdoor Advertising (ODA) is a department that allows companies to build billboard structures along the State of Georgia’s Right of Way. The application process is a two-part tedious process that includes a 7-page application for a Sign Permit and a 16-page application for a Vegetation Permit. Both applications require several other pages of documentation as well. Currently the process is based on a lot of paper pushing and the department would like to make it web accessible allowing applications to be uploaded on line for review including the capability for applicants to make all payments online also. Currently everything is submitted via the mail or walked into our office. Making the application web based will not only save the organization time and excessive amounts of paper but it will do the same for customers and even reduce the turn-around time for application processing (GDOT, 2014).
There are five stakeholders involved in this action research project for the Outdoor Advertising Office (ODA) as indicated in the Critical Mass Grid (Appendix). Participants include William Wright, ODA Landscape Architect Manager; role in ODA is to oversee department operations. William has…...

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