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The Need for Active Play in Children
According to Tamara Baluja in the report, “Parental Fear Contributing to Sedentary Lifestyle of Canadian Children” in the Globe and Mail, Canadian children are losing an important part of their lives- active play (Baluja, Tamara). This ‘loss’ is said to come from parents’ fear of letting their children play outside. Surprisingly, parents are allowing children to spend most of their free time on screen play. Many reports stated that most children were spending nearly eight hours a day on screen play, while only 3 hours a week were sacrificed to active play. Although the report states that the danger of letting children play outside is no more than it was a generation ago, approximately 56% of Canadian parents
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The “helicopter mode of parenting” is exposing children to problems that are exceedingly difficult to control, such as obesity. According to Chris Markham, an experienced Health Education specialist, the time allotted for outside play should be increased at the expense of screen play, especially because the benefits are far reaching (Baluja, Tamara). According to Baluja’s article, children favor outdoor and active play. To reinforce this argument, a report revealed that 92% of Canadian children would prefer to play outside with friends and neighbors as opposed to watching TV or engaging in other kinds of screen play. Active play is known to promote positive performance in class and parents are failing to appreciate this fact.
The health issue under discussion is lifestyle - as it starts in childhood and proceeds
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Having recorded an overweight rate of 42.3% (women) and 58.9% (men), Canada is the third most obese country in the world after France and the United States of America. Luckily this problem can be addressed using physical activities which is when the body breaks down excess fat. Further, post exercise oxygen consumption is also known to break down calories since the process continues even after the exercise is complete (Hales and Lara, 136-138). Finally, physical activity reduces the risk of cancer. Specifically, patients suffering from colon cancer have been shown to have lower risks of developing secondary cancer and even have shorter and fewer hospital stays. People not diagnosed with the disease stand a 24% superior chance of not developing it when compared to their counterparts who are physically

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