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Ian Rose M. Cunanan
MBA-TEP Batch 2
Student No. 2012-62432

Case Analysis
Acting on a Vision of Change

Viewpoint : Business Consultant
Time Context : Present
I. Statement of the Problem
* How to create a new interactive blockbuster game that will gain high market acceptance in midst of the company’s various organizational changes

II. Stat ement of the Objective
* To improve the information system for a period of 6 months.
* To strengthen and expand both our local and global money transfer networks by increasing our presence through multiple channels
III. Areas of Consideration
STRENGHTS * The company is haven for video game developers * Employee are the most creative and passionate experts in the industry * Encouraged autonomy * Market research are not use to pressure the company’s creative team * Savings on development cost because of partnership with Vivendi * R.Koticks charisma and pitch to investors * possess a litany of popular titles * products span the full spectrum of gaming genres * cult like devotion of consumers/subscribers * establishing revenue streams via subscription models | WEAKNESSES * Denial of credits for individual contributions * No channel for independence * Company’s history and financial reputation * Too much autonomy given * Decentralization of funds management * Competition between studios * |
THREATS * Market competition due to a faster technological advancement * Suing of disgruntled ex-employees * Infringement of copyrights and * Intellectual Property * Market price fluctuations of stocks * Obsolesce of games * Media focus on violent game content * Economic | OPPORTUNITY * More investment in other franchise and outright acquisition of IP(Intellectual Property) from developers * Movement to approach mobile gaming |

IV. Assumptions
No assumptions made…...