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Topic | Information required | Sources of information | Use of information in Coursework | Date for completing research | Completed/ Review | Choice of BusinessLocation | Address/postcode of local business and at least two different countries where the business trade internationally | Got to the shop am check online for annual report and the website. | Why I chose this business | 2/10/13 | | Choice of BusinessSize | • Sales revenue over 3 latest years
• Profit figures over latest 3 years
• Cash flows
• Capital invested
• Production output
• Number of employees – current will do
• Number of outlets or locations – see National vs international
• Value of the business (market capitalisation)
• Market share | on the annual report and websites | Choice of buss contrast size | 2/10/13 | | Choice of BusinessOwnership | Type of ownership of each businessIf Sole trader or partnership – owners’ namesIf private limited, name ending with LTD & PLC if public limited – get current number of shareholders | Go to the shop for the local business and for the international I would check the annual report | | 2/10/13 | | Choice of BusinessNature | | Go to the local shop and ask them and for the international business I would go online | Why I chose this business | 2/10/13 | | Purpose & Activities | Goods & or services traded | Go to the local shop and I would ask them what activities they do and what is the purpose and for the international business i would check the annual report | Why I chose this business | 2/10/13 | | Aims & objectives | | Check online and would check the annual reports also I would go to the local business and would ask them | Why I chose this business | 2/10/13 | | Competition | Who their competitors are | Ask them by going to the local stores and checking online | Why I chose this business | 2/10/13 | |...

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