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The reason why Amazon is so successful is because they offer the cheapest price, even cheaper than Wal-mart. As a consumer, we are constantly looking for bargain and deals, what Amazon promises is the low price. Amazon also sells foreign products, they have sellers from all over the world. If a consumer if looking for a specific kind of herb, food or products from another country, they will more than likely to find the right product at Amazon. Another reason why Amazon is so successful is because they are the pioneer in e-commerce. Amazon started when internet was blooming, so they are able to get ahead of others in gaining market share and being an innovator.

2.Marketing process
I would like a new Toyota Prius Hybrid.
1.Market knows that graduate doesn’t have a stable income so Toyota focus on a low price car that will cater to every customer.
2.Toyota’s customer driven market strategy is knowing that today’s consumer wants a fuel efficient car which will save them money, thus Toyota focus on that idea.
3.Toyota uses tv commercial to present the idea that Prius is a very reliable and fuel efficient car. Prius might be the only car that offers the best mileage as compared to other fuel dependent cars.
4.Toyota make sure that every consumer is happy when their products by offering them the best customer service.
5.Toyota has authorized car dealer all over the country. One customer doesn’t have to travel far to purchase a car.

3.Consumers – “we don’t need our stuff”
I think that this new consumer attitude has pros and cons to specific product. Products such as cars can be easily substituted with public transportation system. A good transportation system saves time and money. This consumer attitude can benefit green industry such as recycle bags, energy efficient appliances, and solar power products.

4.Customers influencing customers
I think peer influence is very powerful in today’s society. Internet allows customer to rate and write a review on the products. A positive feedback will push sales while a negative one will drive customer away. Social media allows customer to show case the new item and thus increase exposure to other people.

I think the reason why Wal-Mart is embracing this idea because it will help them to cut cost and at the same time it give out the idea of environmental protector. Many people think that being green will cost money but in fact it saves money. Cardboards, paper, plastic and metal can be recycle and resold for profit. New green truck will also allow Wal-Mart to get a tax cut while creating a positive image.

6.Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airline put customer before profit. The rapping flight attendant make sure that their flight is not a typical normal boring flight, he manage to make the customer smile and cheer upon boarding. The CEO makes sure that every customer is satisfied by promising the customer a full refund. A customer will return knowing that they will not be disappointed when they travel with southwest.

7.Customer Engagement
The website that I have chosen is At the end of every article, it has a small button that allow the reader to share the article on Facebook or twitter. After clicking the button, the reader need to log in to either Facebook or twitter and they are able to post the article on their home page. I think that using social media is a very effective way to create customer engagement. Almost everyone uses at least Facebook, thus being able to keep up with the technology will ensure the exposure of their company website to the general public.

8.Customer Royalty
I am a royal customer of Apple products. I have iphone 3s, 4, 5, ipad, ipod touch, ipod nano and macbook air. I like the sleek design of their products, and how easy it is to work with. I have been using the product for a long time so I find it very weird and discomfort if I have to change. I will change to their competitors if Apple is being unethical or they have decided not to produce any more devices.

9.Consumer spending
After the great recession, my mother stop going to the salon to get her hair or nails done. She will color her hair at home and only go to the salon for a haircut. Another major cutback is the amount of money spent on travelling. Going to the salon and travelling is considered as a non-necessity/luxury spending at that point of time. During great recession, it is important to spend the money on our needs instead of our wants. Going to the salon and travelling is not necessary, but having food for the family is the priority.

10.corporate ethics and social responsibility
Yes, a company’s ethics does matter. I think that every company should be socially responsible for their action. During the production of the goods, it is important for company to take into consideration their production process. If a company just focus on their products and neglect the environmental impacts( air, water, land pollution), then it will defeat the purpose of the producing the good which is to help the society. A company that care for the society is definitely going to care for their products. Therefore, that company is going to be a honest producer. I like company who is responsible, not a company that just focus on making money.

11.mission statement
The company that I have chosen is Microsoft. Their mission statement is, “At Microsoft, our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.” Microsoft wants every person and business to use their products and by doing so, users will realize how easy their software is. I do not feel that Microsoft’s mission statement limit themselves to specific product. Microsoft has venture out into different fields. Their mission statement is pretty broad.

12.Mr. Tod’s Pies
I think Mr. Tod has a strong business portfolio. His sales is almost a million dollar with 20% profit which mean that his business is definitely on the profitable side. Mr. Tod’s Pies’ sales mainly comes from the one product that he has- sweet potato pie. Mr. Tod had to realize that the sweet potato pie is his strategic business unit and he should focus his attention on it. Mr. Tod should cut down on the number of flavor he has and it will cut down on his operating cost. Mr. Tod can consider selling his product online and ship it across the nation.

One of the most profitable product is Coke. Coke is a market leader in the soft drink industry. What makes coke so special in the fact that they have been in the industry for a long time so they rely heavily on their branding. From my personal opinion, I think that Coke taste better than other soft drink.

One of friend work for the US Airway.
Strengths: Cheap air fare, variety of planes which will allow for more flexibility and mobility in passenger load options and operating cost, east coast dominant.
Weaknesses: Employee morale, loss of market share.
Opportunities: point-to-point flying with no layover, partnership with other airlines or company, new technology.
Threats: higher fuel price, unstable economy, terrorism.

15.Profit Margin: Walmart=0.0362, Target=0.0409
16.NMC: Walmart=$50,019,250, Target=$11,318,000
17.ROS: Walmart=0.1066, Target=0.1544
18.ROI: Walmart=0.7504, Target=0.9915

1. What happened to Kodak? 2. Why did the company fail and have to file for bankruptcy?
What is the company’s new business strategy?

1. Kodak was not able to keep up with the new technology and finally fail and declared bankruptcy. 2. Kodak fails because it was not willing to change their business profile that no longer worked. They focus on selling more products than to adapt to changes and they failed to realize the power of digital technology. This digital technology destroyed the film-based business model that Kodak had. 3. Kodak new business strategy is refocusing on the digital technologies. Kodak focus on packaging and digital printing. Kodak also invested millions of dollar on the ink business hoping to save their film sales.

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