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Chapter 3, Activity 5, page 113

Statements that Build and Protect Goodwill
Revise the following sentences to eliminate a tone that will damage human relations. Identify the specific weakness in each sentence.

|a | Management expresses appreciation for all the environmental health officers. |
| |Weakness: Health officers |

Revision: Management expresses appreciation for all the environmental employees.
|b |Our call center has exhibited substantial signs of workflow inefficiencies over the past budgetary period which has triggered |
| |potential irreparable damage to the customer fulfillment and branding initiatives instigated in conjunction with the |
| |operationalization of the board’s strategic plan. |
| |Weakness: our& operationalization |

Revision: The call center has exhibited substantial signs of workflow inefficiencies over the past budgetary period which has triggered potential irreparable damage to the customer fulfillment and branding initiatives instigated in conjunction with the board’s strategic plan.
|c |As expected, the spin doctors fired a quick response to the complaints of the consumer advocacy group. |
| |Weakness:As expected, Spin, & fired a quick response |

Revision: The doctors reply feedback to the complaints of the consumer advocacy group.
|d |As anyone must surely know, the average...

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