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The CIPD Profession map is consisted of two core units, ten professional areas and eight behaviours an long with four bands. This is to give a thorough walk through and in depth knowledge of the HR profession. The profession map covers the behaviour required to carry out the HR profession. On the map all ten professional areas are categorised into four bands that gives the knowledge and understanding of what is required and needed to carry out the HR profession effectively.
The eight behaviours tells us how to carry out all duties and roles of the HR profession in the appropriate and effective way. The map gives us an insight on transitioning from one band to another. The profession map helps with the focus and activities performed by the HR profession.
The core units Insight Strategy and Solutions gives us an understanding of the organisation and it’s contexts and how to use the insights to tailor strategy and solutions to meet organisational needs now and in the future whilst Leading HR acts as a role oder leader, maximising the contribution that HR or your specialist function makes throughout the organisation both through own efforts and through supporting, developing and measuring others across the organisation.
Each professional areas gives a desorption and clarity of what is required in that work area. Let’s look at Performance and Reward. This helps to create and maintain a high-achieving organisation by delivering programmes that reward and recognise key employee capabilities, skills, behaviours, experience and performance and ensure that reward systems are market-relevant, fair and cost-effective.
The eight behaviours tells us how to carry out all duties and roles of the HR profession effectively. Take for example Performance and reward at Band 1 it acts as an enabler because it 1. Driven to deliver 2. Skilled influencer 3. Curious…...

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