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List of References: Harvard
A list of references is generally provided for academic work, and contains details only of those works actually cited in the document. Sometimes the term Bibliography is used; however this refers to a list of related source material that is not necessarily cited in the document. Remember: • A list of references should appear on a separate sheet of paper at the end of an assignment and is generally titled References. • This list contains bibliographic details of every work cited in your assignment. • The list must be arranged alphabetically by authors’ surnames. If there is more than one work by the same author, then arrange chronologically i.e. earlier publication dates before later dates. • All reference sources (e.g. books, journal articles, websites etc.) are listed together in one continuous reference list. • Correct punctuation is important. • Note minimal capitalisation of book titles and maximal capitalisation of journal titles.

Example: Reference List

If a book, or a journal article or a document on a website has no author, bring the title of the book, article or document to the front.

ABC 2010, The Drum, analysis and views on the issues of the day, viewed 13 January 2010, Becher, T 1990, ‘The counter culture of specialisation’, European Journal of Education, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 330-6. Bourassa, SD 1999, ‘Effects of child care on young children’, Proceedings of the third annual meeting of the International Society for Child Psychology, International Society for Child Psychology, Atlanta, Georgia, pp. 44-6. Conner, ML 2004, Ageless learners: andragogy and pedagogy, viewed 19 October, 2007, Dawson, P 2004, Creative writing and the new humanities, Routledge, London. Department of Health and Aged Care 1999, Hepatitis C: a review of Australia’s response, report prepared by D Lowe & R Cotton, DHAC, Canberra. Dr Brain thinking games 1988, CD-ROM, Knowledge Adventure Inc., Torrance, California. Health Promotion Committee 2000, The funding of anti-smoking campaigns, Department of Health, Brisbane. Izzard, J 2010, ‘A groggy history’, Quadrant, December 2009, no.462, vol.LIII, Quadrant Magazine Limited, Balmain.

Journal article

Published conference proceedings Document within a website Book - one author Consultants’ report CD-ROM Documents produced for a govt. agency


Electronic Journal article on a database

Lincoln, M 2009, ‘Ethical behaviour in the information age’, Knowledge Quest, vol. 37, 5, pp. 34-7, viewed 13 January 2010, Proquest 5000 database.

Chapter in an edited book

Richardson, L 2005, ‘Writing: a method of inquiry’, in N Denzin & Y Lincoln (eds) Handbook of qualitative research, Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Edited book

Rothman, J, Erlich, J & Tropman, J (eds) 2001, Strategies of Community Intervention, 6th edn, Peacock Publishers, Itasca, Ilinois.

University Study Guide Book with two authors Movie

Smith, L 2003, Study guide: An introduction to academic writing, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW. Still, J & Worton, M 2000, Intertextuality, Manchester University Press, Manchester. Sunday too far away 1975, motion picture, South Australian Film Corporation, Adelaide. Tartan, L 2010, ‘Little penguin houses’, 7 December 2009, Sorrow at Sills Bend: Blog, viewed 13 January, 2010, The search for meaning, 2010, radio program, ABC Radio National, Sydney, 11 January.


Radio program


Towers, K 2000, ‘Doctor not at fault: coroner’, Australian, 18 January, p. 3.
Note: If a newspaper article has no apparent author, provide all details in the in-text citation; no entry is then required in the reference list. For example, … (Sydney Morning Herald 24 January 2000, p. 12). … in the Sydney Morning Herald (24 January 2000, p. 12).

Website (for more on referencing)

The University of Melbourne Library, 2010,Harvard (Author/Date) Style, viewed 13 January 2010,

This example of a reference list has been constructed using guidelines and examples from: Snooks & Co. (eds) 2002, Style manual for authors, editors and printers, 6th edn, Wiley & Sons, Australia.

Check with your school (or your UIG) to find out the system of referencing you are required to use.

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