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Addressing Legal and Ethic Issues

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Addressing international legal and ethic issues simulation summary Ann Tracy Law/421 8/6/2012 Boni Cherelle

Some of the legal disputes in international transactions with Cad Max and Gentura the different laws, because laws are different from state to state and country to country. If you are in one part of the country and deal with someone outside the country there are so many legal issues that both parties need to get lawyers involved to make sure that everyone is getting there fair deal in this. What is legal in one part of the world or country is not necessary legal in the other part u are dealing with.

When conserving to take legal actions against a foreign business partner that’s based in another country it is very important to remeber about their customers and their local cultures. They also have to follow their laws as they would if they have to follow ours if they came over here if we brake a rule or a law there than we would have to get punished for it the same way they would get punished if they broke any of our rules and laws.

One factor is that Gentura in its financial best interest could violate their non-disclosure agreement then this could lead to someone to potentially sell Cad Max information. That would be easy to sale to their competors to sale to the one that will pay the most for it. Since there is so much completion out there it would not take much for someone to find someone to get a hold of some kind of information so they can use it against the company.

In most cases if a business has locations in more than one country they must comply the prevailing law and customers of those nations. Also the of these people in there countries are important if we don’t follow their rules and laws like anywhere else once word gets out you will lose customers because you could not follow their rules and laws. Like if they came over here they must follow our laws and rules, some countries have a dress code that also must be followed.

Domestic international issues should be resolved fairly, by this I mean both sides should be taken into account and judgment should be free from any type of form of bias. Theses should be done fairly cause we don’t want to have any major legal deals with are domestic partners we want to keep as much as we can on a good terms with them and not start any kind of problems then we have to.

I would compare the issues from this simulation to the domestic legal issues from week one cause, you have to apply the same kind of law to the simulation that you do with the different laws that we learned about in week one rather they are laws for this country of in a foreign country. Laws have to be provided by. In chapter 25 they talked about treaties that are just like a contract that they use in the simulation. They can be used in court because it is binding between each of the parties.

In conclusion In all legal aspects of a situation there is an underlying situation there is an underlying assumption of an ethical obligations to the law. A company is more than its bottom line and at the end of t he day a business’s profits but it also has a moral obligations to better the community to where the business is in.

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