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Adecco Group Adecco Group became a multinational corporation via a merger of Adia and Ecco in 1996; the company is one of several Fortune Global 500 companies, and the world's leading staffing agency that offer clients worldwide Human Resource solutions (Adecco Group, 2014). Adecco Group is headquartered in Zurich-Glattbrugg, Switzerland and operates in over 60 countries and regions; providing employment solutions by staffing individuals in organizations as: temporary or permanent employees (Adecco Group, 2013). The company also helps clients and employees with career changes and talent growth and advancement, as well and outsourcing and consulting services to some of the most well-known large corporations (Adecco, Group, 2013). According to the company’s 2013 financial report, their revenue declined 5% to 19,503 EUR and decreased by 2% in constant currency due to a decline in temporary staffing volume (Adecco, 2014, p. 47). The temporary staffing decline also led to gross profits to decrease by 3% of all 13 segments. Operation strategies are actions that the corporate set to remain competitive in the industry and build brand equity; therefore, Adecco Group’s strategy wants to work alongside associates and clients through every phase of the life cycle. In addition, the Adecco Group conduct audits to make sure each segment are operating efficiently to remain on track through all growth segments and markets while practicing s stringent cost management technique, the Economic Value Added (EVA) concept (Adecco Group, 2014). The overall technique is geared toward improving the company and to ensure profitability on the market. The EVA allows Adecco Group to remain a pillar during business transactions and daily operations; the EVA also helps the company adhere to their corporate responsibility rules, pricing and costs and promote opportunities throughout the business. Adecco Group’s overall purpose is to help people work better for a better life by contributing to society (Adecco Group, 2014, B2).
Leaders of organizations must be able to identify internal and external forces that may affect their company; and running that business will not be as simple as coloring. Adecco Group and other organizations must perform two tasks when running a business: (1) focus on internal factors and (2) comprehend what occurs on the outside of the business in order to control the company finances and business operations. Therefore, economic, social, and political factors can affect a business and the company must create strategies to handle the issues. The following information describes several factors that can impact an organizations success, starting with the economic environment.
Economic forces can impact a business tremendously, preventing the company from meeting consumer demand, evaluating and providing supply of products or services, and from providing and maintaining quality products. Therefore, several economic forces can affect the way Adecco Group conducts business; they include recession, monetary and fiscal policy changes, price changes, and marginal and total utility (short-term or long-term fluctuations in product or service sales). On the other hand, social forces can also impact the success or failure of the company; for Adecco Group, the company will have to deal with social factors that involve employee satisfaction, leadership of the company, consumer purchase decisions (taste and preference), and accountability issues (ethics and corporate responsibility). Furthermore, political forces that involve the government play a critical role in the business operations – how it operates regarding trade, taxing regulations, and governmental regulations regarding environmental concerns. In addition, anything that relates to elections and court judgments also introduce potential restrictions on business operations. In any business, especially Adecco Group, political forces play a critical part and have some significant differences between their global and domestic segments; in this case the political forces can be quite dramatic and could cause some dramatic changes within all Adecco Group organizations. Unfortunately, the political forces may even impact their customer segment, competitiveness, and supplier segment of the company; all in all the government is a far reaching and increasing business entity of its own. While analyzing Adecco Group, the company operates on an international and global level effectively; but there are some good and bad challenges that can impact business success. This is where a SWOT analysis can be done to highlight these challenges; the challenges involve the inside and outside of Adecco Group (Global Employment Services, 2015). A Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT) analysis assists the company with identifying the good and bad factors that impact the business; it also assists the company with strategies to support the business for long-term growth and success. Unfortunately, the SWOT analysis will not be valuable unless the leadership at Adecco Group rigorously discuss the strategies and the outcome of the organization. The analysis will help the company maneuver any environmental changes the company may face. A SWOT analysis is an excellent business tool to utilize for Adecco Group because it can provide effectiveness for the organization to gain success into the future. The SWOT will help Adecco Group explore the possibilities of improving their R&D functions, improve ROE and improve ROA for all involved with the company (Adecco SA SWOT, 2014; 2013). In addition, the SWOT analysis can assist Adecco Group develop ways to improve their ability to compete on the market on a global and domestic level, handle job market changes, and help unravel the unsettled investors (Adecco SA SWOT, 2014; 2013). Therefore, the following is a brief SWOT analysis on Adecco Group:
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
Leader in fragmented market R&D investments Additional investments GDP global and domestic trends and demand for employment
Diversified and focused Job market changes Increase demand Governmental changes in employment
Strong financial history Low ROE (Return on Equity) Expanding presence on markets Foreign currency exchange and interest rates
Strong market position Low ROA (Return on Assets) Continuous growth via acquisitions Intense competitors in operational markets
Competitive position Limited ability to compete Positive outlook on staffing Integration of all Adecco Group subsidiaries
Enhanced brand image Unsettled investors Obtain new experience talent Corporate changes to attract, retain talented personnel and clients (internal/external)
Information from: Adecco SA SWOT, 2014; 2013 In today’s competitive environment, the best weapon in any company will be the talent it retains to fight for success; in this case, Adecco Group will need to predict, plan for, and adjust for career development changes, economic conditions, working environment, future scenarios that may affect the business, and high demand for temporary employees. Other factors that Adecco Group will need to prepare for include federal regulation changes, financial costs, unemployment, and market changes. As staffing services continue to evolve, Adecco Group will see professional skills, technology, the government, and client needs change; which means that the company will have to change right along with it to meet their clients demand for temporary workers. In a report conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers (2010), predictions show that staffing temporary workers will increase by 50% 2020, emerging markets will significantly shift in mobility patterns, strategies that will be utilized during mobility periods need to be more sophisticated and complex and government and business will collaborate greater (p.4). Not only that, the report shows that overseas assignments will become a rite of passage, pay across job positions will equalize, and technology will begin to support compliance and play a key part in the working environment (PWC, 2010, p. 5). The key to any businesses success is having the ability to attract, retain, and organize talented employees on a global level (PWC, 2010). What that means to Adecco Group, the business will need to progress quickly with their mobilization strategies to remain ahead of the changes in geographic areas they operate.
In conclusion, Adecco Group is a leading temporary staffing agency that helps individuals find temporary or permanent positions in small and large corporations worldwide (Global Employment Services, 2015). The company operates in markets in over 60 territories worldwide; and has a strong competitive position to continue to grow thorough mergers and acquisitions. In addition, the SWOT analysis included will help the leaders of the company determine strategies to plan for long-term success. References
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