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1. WK: 06/02/2014
2. Title: Stress management壓力承受 (Key word: Stress Mgt)
3. Role: if you were assigned as an HRM manager of X company, please come up with ten (10) tips to foster your employees with better competency, attitude and behavior in this assignment. Those reinforcements are very important and will make your business more competitive and profitable in return.

items | Tips or recommendations | 1 | Encouraging more of organizational communication with the employees so that there is no role ambiguity/conflict. | 2 | Encourage a healthy lifestyle. Take a regular sleep, have plenty of water, have healthy eating habits. | 3 | Support employees' efforts. Workers are better able to cope with heavy workloads if management is sympathetic, understanding and encouraging. | 4 | Recognize and reward employees for their accomplishments and contributions. Ignoring employees' accomplishments can lower morale and provoke talented and experienced employees to seek work elsewhere. | 5 | Talk openly with employees. Giving employees opportunities to air their concerns to management also is important. | 6 | Give employees adequate control over how they do their work. Workers are more productive and able to deal with stress better if they have some control over and flexibility in how they perform their work. | 7 | Reduce the amount of red tape for employees. Employers can lower burnout rates if they ensure that employees' time isn't wasted on unnecessary paperwork and procedures. | 8 | Do hard work. Strive to achieve your goals but do not do it to the harm of family, health, or peer. | 9 | The employees should have emotional intelligence at workplace. They should have self-awareness, self-confidence and self-control at workplace. | 10 | Find a fun way to release stress, such as, cracking jokes, playing tennis, golf, etc. |...

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