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Samantha J. Alexander

8603 147th Avenue SE • Snohomish, WA 98290 • 425-633-9970 • Objective To find part time employment in the Snohomish County, WA area that will lay a foundation for a college major in sports and entertainment marketing.

Managed my own fruit stand selling berries and various vegetables for the summer
Demonstrated money handling skills
Created a price list and a for sale sign (advertisement) Summer 2010
Mowed lawns
Managed my time to make sure lawns were mowed weekly Summer 2009-2011
Everett Rowing Association
Coxswain, Varsity 2012 – present
Coxswains steer the boat, manage the rowers, and function as the on water coach
Lyon Ski School Instructor: Actively engage children in play and entertaining while teaching basics of skiing
Demonstrated usage of time management skills December2014 – present
Cashier, Panther Pause Receive money and give change, help customers, close and balance register

Education/Clubs * Snohomish High school 2012 – present * Marketing and Business education 2012 – present * USSA Member January 2014 – present * IFSA Member January 2014 –present * US Rowing Member 2011 - present

Accomplishments TEAM (Rowing): 2012 Coxswain (4x) Brentwood, 2nd Place Coxswain (4x) Windmere Cup, 2nd Place Coxswain (4x) Regional Championship, 2nd Place; qualified for Youth Nationals 2013 Coxswain (4x) Windmere Cup 1st Place Coxswain (4+) Regional Championship, 3rd Place Coxswain (8+) Regional Championship, 2nd Place; qualified for Youth Nationals Coxswain (8+) National Championship, 12th Place INDIVIDUAL (Skiing): 2014 4th Jim Jack’s Cowboy Up 4th Crystal Mountain Triple Crown (2nd Event) 1st Crystal Mountain Triple Crown (3rd Event) 5th Crystal Mountain IFSA National

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