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Adhd a Disorder, a Condition, or Myth

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9/30/2013 A disorder, condition, or myth? Bryan Crites | Psy200 | ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder |

Psy200 | ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder |

After reading the paper “Sit Still and Pay Attention, Children with ADHD” given to us in class, I continued to research on the internet, others’ views and theories on the over diagnosis or misdiagnosis of ADHD. To say the least, opinions on this subject are as infinite as the drugs or non-pharmaceutical (natural) treatments there are available for correcting it.
The first hurdle that I see that needs to be overcome is to answer the debate over, is it a medical, mental, nutritional, biological, or otherwise unknown condition? The name itself can be confusing all on its own.
Attention; this would lead one to think it is a mental condition. After all, doesn’t our attention span directly relate to how actively involve our brain is with the subject matter, or the lack thereof, that we are being presented with?
Deficit; this refers to a lack of something, but what, attention? Could it be caused by a lack of primary caregiver involvement? This could be considered a psychodynamic issue. Multiply psychological studies have shown that infants and children need the daily and continual interaction of their primary caregivers for healthy development. Or could it be biological in the sense that they lack or have a shortage of the proper neurotransmitters, endorphins or hormones to allow for proper behavior? And want constitutes ‘proper behavior’ and who decides what this is? But that is another subject to be touched on at a different time.
Hyperactivity; the question there again is, from what source does the hyperactivity come from?...

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