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In Adyiat organization the marketing strategy is to target by raising awareness to those who are not familiar with our products as well as targeting consumers who are familiar with the products with the same campaign. The company marketing strategy as well to entering the market by creating many consumer groups due to the variety of their needs and wants, in addition, the company divide the total market into segments based on customer characteristic, and expansion products to meet their needs into a fairly segment, each with different need preferences, which include demographic size, genders, and income.
The company drives business-to-business market segmentation to help the company understand and targeting the needs and the potential customer. Targeting strategy to the attractiveness of each potential segment and decide on where they will invest resources to turn them into customers.
The way that the company evaluates the market by the size of coverage and the purchasing power and is the products reachable to consumer and does the market needs have been served.
The customer relationship management on the organization is a little bit different than the CRM system, the company track of consumer needs and behavior, by knowing the customers in much detail by their needs and value to the company and interacts with customers. But the company doesn’t use a computer system or software; they use what they called “ Touchpoint method” and “Join innovation plan”.
The Touchpoint method means there will be a direct interface between the customer and the sales associate in person. The sales associate visit the customer on a weekly basis to ensure the customer satisfaction and to start implement the new order with a more knowledge bout the customer preferences.
The Join innovation plan, which mean we invite the customer to join us on our innovation year plan to work with us...

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