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Case Attrition

Case Attrition is when a failure arrest doesn’t result in a conviction such as crime that people are charged with upon arrest but never get any time for it or even make it to court.
A key element to this would be a police arresting someone for drugs such as cocaine, and not getting a conviction. Most cases such as drugs carry a long term sentence. Police arrest people all the time for drug charges such as cocaine. These people are arrested and charged with selling drugs and then when it’s time to go to court for the conviction, then there is a problem not to get one. The police did not do a proper search or just totally misinterpreted the case and the drug dealer walks with no conviction. Some of these cases are serious with drug charges, but if you don’t get a conviction, then all the work that the police put into the arrest and trying to get a conviction for the prosecutor do not matter. Sometimes the defense may get a lesser charge out of the prosecutor due to lack of evidence from the police department. There are plenty crimes that are committed with drugs, but never make it to court. Just like once upon a time, I personally watched the police search a car at a store, but the police believed he seen a guy handing drugs to another out of the car. The guy had just taken his dog to the veterinary for worms. The police searched the vehicle and found a light powder substance in the back seat in a Ziploc bag. The substance was tested onsite to determine if it was cocaine or some sort of drug. It was believed to be cocaine at the time and the police placed the man under arrested for the charge of cocaine and towed the vehicle. Hours later, the guy was released because the test came out negative for cocaine and it was powdered garlic for his dog worms. Things in this nature will sometimes have a person arrested, but not convicted. That’s why cases like this do not get pass the booking procedure, because lack of evidence to get a person convicted.

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