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Adjusting to Terrorism Paper

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Adjusting to Terrorism Paper

Introduction Terrorism is a fear that we face day to day, and it’s all around the world. Every country has some type of problem with terrorism, whether it’s a training camp in their country or an actually terrorism act. It’s a reality that we live with today, many people think that with causing pain and suffering to others that it would make other people believe in their believes. But it doesn’t work that way, sometimes people do get scared but more then all it makes them angry and makes them want to fight back. According to an article by and it states that “Combating terrorism is no easy task and it is something that cannot be done overnight. It will be a long struggle that could be quite dangerous. One of the first things to do is to find out all of the methods that these terrorists use and understand their strategies. How do they attack us? In what ways have they been most successful? If we can find out all of the ways they may attack, it will be much easier to set up defenses and stop them before they harm any innocent people” (Tobias, 2014) this makes a great point for us, we need to find out how these terrorism have been successful in the past, and make a plan to block their resources that help them with attacks. One idea that could work would be to place a hold on any individual that wants to get a visa to come into the United States or anyone who wants to become an U.S. Citizen. Basically put a red flag on their profile and then have someone from the government check on them to see what they are doing. To see if they are really working? Are they really attending the school they said they are attending? In most of the recent cases of Terrorism that have happened in the United States the Government knew that there was something fishy with these individuals. But they never did anything about it. One of those cases was that of the Boston Bombers, it has been said that the bombers were from Russia but that they were here supposed to be attending school. If we had a way to check on these individuals before they did anything crazy like place bombs in the streets or schools. Although I realize that it would mean that the government would have to hire lots of more federal officers, in order to complete all the checkups on the people with visas. It could create a budget increase for the government but it could also save lives, one way of cutting costs would be have trained professional people to volunteer to check up on these people. This would cut costs for the federal government, and have the people check out to see if they are really attending school or working. I know that not everyone from other counties are terrorism and are actual good people just trying to make a living for themselves and families. But too many people have already died from attacks that could have been prevented.
Terrorism can be an awful thing but it is something that has become a reality for us that we have to deal with every day. Whether it’s in the United States or in another county, we are always hearing of some attack that happened and killed many people. In a recent article it has a statement that it is true and it stated that “One of the greatest tools that can be used to combat terrorism is to simply get citizens involved and make sure they understand how important it is to report anything that is out of place. This is especially true at airports because they have been successful before and many other terrorist attempts have been stopped. Having the citizens get involved is one of the most powerful ways to combat terrorism. It can give the authorities thousands of eyes and ears to watch for suspicious behavior.” (Tobias, 2014) We all as a nation need to be united in fighting terrorism.

Tobias, T. (2014, June 24). Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism. Retrieved from

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