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In the Ex-Parte application of:




I, the undersigned, BUSISANI MOSES MBOMVU

do hereby make oath and state that:


1. I am an adult male person and the Applicant in this matter, the facts contained herein are within my personal knowledge and are to the best of my knowledge and belief both true and correct, save where the contrary appears from the context.

2. I am residing at number 1214 Gija Street, Daveyton, 2015, Johannesburg, in the Gauteng Province, Republic of South Africa.

1.4 I am domiciled within the area of jurisdiction of the above Honourable Court.

1.5 In the affidavit, except where the context indicates otherwise, reference to “the Act” means the Attorneys Act, No. 53 of 1979, as amended.

1.6 I respectfully submit that this Honourable Court has jurisdiction to hear this application as I am domiciled within the jurisdiction of the above Honourable Court as contemplated by Section 19 of the Supreme Court Act 59 of 1959.


2.1 I was born on the 22nd of December 1982 at Mfula Village, Tsomo, Eastern Cape Province, Republic of South Africa.

2.2 I am an adult male and a South African citizen, attached hereto marked Annexure “BMM1” is the certified copy of the first page of my identity document confirming the above. As it appears from the above-mentioned Annexure, I am above the age of twenty one (21) years and am a citizen of the Republic of South…...

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