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Admission Statement
Institution Admission Statement
Educational Communication and Technology is my primarycareergoal. In fact, itreflects my oneandonlycareeroptionthoughat time I am alsoattracted to psychology. Just like thegoal of a teacher to helpthestudentssucceed in life, themoral of thelegislators to setrulesandregulations to make a change in their respectiveconstitutionsandthecommitment of a golfer to improving in their field through muchpracticesandresearch, I findmyselfincorporating all the three. My aim is to have a mastery of all theskillsneeded in thecurrent technology to evenhelp my workers to improve on howtheydo their dailyactivities. I want to empower them to havebetter technological strategies. Naturally, I am muchattracted to learningandnothing outdoes learning in my life. Currently, I have a Master technology from Integrated Digital Media in NYU Poly. Though I know technology is not an easytask, bearing in mind there are a lot of crucialcalculations that have to be done, I try my best to master all theskillsandpractices to be in a position to makehelpingdecisions. I grew up likinggolfing. Throughout my youthespecially in my teenage, I came to likegolfsomuch. I used to do a thoroughresearchusingvideotapes, books, and internet anddidmuchpracticeandforsure I improved on my tactics. Today my aim is a different onethoughtheprincipleremains. Through extensiveresearch, guidelines fromtheuniversitystaffsandadequatepractices, I will achieve my goals of being an evidence-based researcher. I want to havegoodanalyticalskills to be able to handledifficult technological issues, gets its strongholdsandweakness to managemakingstrongerdecision to help in the long-term run of thecompaniesandinstitutions. This is my coreprofessionaltarget. In theprocess of experienceacquisition in thisfield, I alsohave a target of beinginvolved in theday to dayimprovement of the technology strategies. Besides being an English graduate, I managed to come up with a prototype of a navigation app which I stillneed to improveit. I wasbrought up in Saudi society, an areawhereideaswereargued, strongpointsrelated to coming up with wisedecisions. This is where I startedfiguring out thing in broaderperspectives. To add, I am an analyst in natureandlikesgetting a weakness of something before implementinganychange to improvethesituation. I haveeverserved as an English teacherfortwoyearsandworked in thebankfor 5 years. To add, I haveservedmany Technology Companies in New York City. Thisexperiencebuildsa strongfoundationin me in technology andcooperateskills. I want to addontheseskillsand be a technology expert. Over my teenage years, I havelikedtheworldwelive in andstillaim at gettingways of improvingit. I am a fun of currentaffairswhere I followmanyprograms through radio, televisionand a variety of publicationsespecially in thefield of technology. I have a greaterhope of exploringmore in thisfield to enactchange in ways in which technological changes are passed to thepeopleandgetimplemented. Technologicalstudyhelps to cope with thedailyprocesses. Themostsignificantpart of educationalcommunicationand technology, of course, is technological development. I am among thosewhobelieve in education as a tool that brings in change. Educators in schoolhelp to equipthestudents with the knowledgesothatthey can have an improvedway of living. Theknowledgetheyachievehelp them to getbetteropportunities in life. Knowledgehelpspeople to havecontrol of manyissues in life. In educationalcommunicationand technology field, learning technological practiceequips one with thesameknowledge. I realizedthiswhileworking with Dr. Matt, a professor at Integrated Digital Media. He has remarkableteachingskills which inspireme to setgoals to listenandcommunicatemoreclearly with my fellow workmates. As a technologist, I hope to honethoseskillsandtherebyempowerpeople to fitwellintheeverevolving technology. Thesubjectprovidesa strongfoundationwithskillsandknowledge on how to handle technological changesandrelate them to thepeople. With English language, I can interactclearlyandeffectivelyboth in spokenandwrittenforms. History is thestudy of thepastand its currentimpact. In mostcases, historyhelps to research through relatingthepastandgettingfuture.Psychology that is alsointroduced in thisfieldgives an insight of howthemindworks. I am moreenthusiastic at theprospect of getting my skillsstretchedandexpanded to higherheights in thisfield. By theend of thecourse, I lookforwardbeingmoreequipped with boththeacademicandcorporate skills.I will maybetaketheadvantage of thesociallifeandsportingopportunity Steinhardt universityoffers. It is my currentprofessionaspiration to have a vacation in expertlegislativeissues as a MP, to haveinfluence in nationalarrangementmakingandenactment, and in additionencounteringthepride of being a fair illustrative of theindividuals. Your doctorate course is perfection forthisprofession on thegroundsthatit will bestowtheinformationvitalforeducatedstrategyarrangement, andtheabilities, forexample, greatcorrespondenceand compelling researchrequired to succeed in this focused occupation.
Beyond elements of practice, policy, andeducation, I am drawn to technology foranotherreason. Technology is whatbrings about development. And from working with faculty, residentsandotherstudents in English and Technology, I feel my temperamentfitforthefieldbesidebeingrecommended by professorsandhead of Integrated Digital Program. I have a calmspiritand a professionalpersonality. I like havingfunandsharing with friends throughout everystep in my life. I knowthis technological study is an excellentfieldandthusmuchexcited to get into thetechnologicalfield. I chose your university as a result of its positivereputationon thereadiness of theprofessors to teach as well as thecomfortablelearningenvironmentyouhaveprovided. I want to have a goodfitfor my training to be able to achieveall my setgoals. I havegreathope of achievingthebest from Steinhardt.

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