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York University AP/ADMS2500.03 Introduction to Financial Accounting
Midterm Examination #1
Time: 3.0 hours - Winter 2015 - Questions: 40


1. Submit
• Only the pink mark sense sheet will be collected: you may keep this midterm examination paper.
• Mark your answers on it for later reference. Ensure your name is on the pink mark sense sheet.

2. Mark Sense Sheet • Record your name and student number and answer all questions on the computer mark sense sheet provided with an HB (soft lead) pencil. Bring several pencils in case one breaks. The computer will not recognize ink or hard lead pencils. • Test Form is for the exam version you are writing (A, B or C) and Code is your Section (in the left column). • Fill in the bubbles for your name and student number in pencil (your phone number is not required). Leave the last column of the student number BLANK . • If you change an answer, use a high quality eraser to completely remove the previous mark. If the computer senses two answers to a question, only the first scanned will be recognized.

3. Exam Aids • Only calculators without alphanumeric programmable memories are allowed. It is strongly suggested you bring a couple of cheap 4 function computers to the exam in case one fails. Be prepared to be challenged by invigilators if you bring a “fancy” calculator. • Compact foreign language/English dictionaries may be used. However, these will be examined by invigilators. If there are any loose pages or handwriting in the dictionary, it will be seized and you will be charged with academic dishonesty. • In 2500, invigilators answer no questions of interpretation. They will pass along questions regarding possible errors/ typos/missing data to the head invigilator. If you believe a question contains an error and do not receive a…...

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