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Internal Analysis
Current strategy:
(CIBC) Retail banking with trust, offshore and capilat market activities. Invest in new banking system, ICBS.
(Barclays) Focus on rationalization along with development of the onshore and offshore busineses.

Well Established (CIBC) | Only major bank serving the Caribbean, this experience has given the bank strong leadership, expertise, and management skills. In addition, CIBC has 40 branches in 8 countries giving it a strong brand and public image in Caribbean | Effective System (CIBC) | (CIBS) that will enable efficient operations and allow the company to go into new channels | Strong Client Relationship (Barclay) | Strong client relationship building system, targeted to its working client base |
Inefficiency (CIBC) | Current banking system is not fully utilized because investment exceeds scale of operations | Ineffectiveness (Barclays) | BRAINS system is ineffective in facilitating internet and telephone banking, and operations are manually intensive and costly compared to competitors. |

Competitive Advantage:
(CIBC)Well established since 1920’s, is the only major bank serving the Caribbean as a separate unit, and has an effective and efficient banking system (ICBS).(Barclays) Strong customer relationships which resulted in its market position and maintained its margins.
Core Competencies:
(CIBC)Market leader in credit card sales, retail banking, offshore and capital market activities. (Barclays) onshore business, rationalization, and controlled development of offshore business.
Conclusion: There are a few resources that both companies can take from each other. Firstly, CIBC has an efficient banking system that is underutilized while Barclays operations are more manual intensive and costly. Secondly, Barclays has branches in almost every country in the Caribbean which is...

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