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ADN versus BSN: The Battle of Degrees
Stephanie N Davis
NRS-430V Professional Dynamics
Instructor: Chris Bartholomew
October 9th 2015

This paper is intended to discuss the differences in competencies between nursing at the associates-degree level versus the baccalaureate-degree level. Over the years this has been a controversial and complex issue within the nursing workforce. With both academic options to choose from, education preparation standards are changing in hospitals, making way for a stronger and more diverse nursing staff. The pressure to meet the challenge to raise the educational training of diploma and associate degree prepared RNs to the baccalaureate degree level has resulted in advanced RN-to-BSN programs delivered in fast-tracked programs using both online and class options. It will also be my goal to incorporate a patient care situation that describes a difference in nursing care approaches as it relates to the educational preparation of BSN versus a diploma or ADN degree nurse. I will attempt to give an example of a patient care situation in which nursing care approaches differs between that of an ADN versus BSN nurse based on their educational preparation.
ADN Program
The American Nurses Association defines a competency as “an expected level of performance that integrates knowledge skills, ability and judgment”. When the question is raised about the competency difference between that of an ADN and BSN nurse, it seems to come down to length of time, amount of credits and scope of practice preparation. The ADN curriculum prepares the nurse for the basics and fundamentals of nursing practice, with a basic science background. It focuses more on clinical skills and technical aspects appropriate for patient and family care. It lacks in theory and science about nursing as a profession and is usually a restricted level of care. During my time…...

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