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Adolescent Behavior

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Applied Conceptual Influences
Jennie Golden-Wear
Aspen University
Concepts and Theories in Nursing

June 04, 2012

Applied Conceptual Influences
Nursing theorist have over time provided incredible structure by conceptual influence in developing theory utilized in nursing education and practice. This paper will explore a variety of nursing theories including that of Florence Nightingale, Virginia Henderson, and Lydia Hall. Developing care plans and referencing case studies, the theories of Hiligard Peplau, Joyce Travelbee, and Ida Jean Orlando will also be observed. This exploration is meant to enlighten the reader of theories structuring nursing as a practice.
Case study #1
The following case study is based on community healthcare visitation to a home for a post-partum follow-up involving a young woman, Isabel. Isabel was a mother of two children, Jerry her two-year old son and Pearl her three-week old daughter. The scene of Isabel’s unclean, ill maintained, single room and so-called home now, was a challenging observation for the visiting nurse. Despite the horrendous site of an overflowing box of dirty cat litter, the dirty diapers, dried food, and spoiled bottles of formula; the nurse was drawn to the values of Florence nightingale. This approach allowed a great deal of compassion for the depressed, frustrated, and exhausted young mother. Fostering receptivity would be a priority in creating a plan of care. First, the nurse knew she must gain Isabel’s confidence in her skill, noting her compassion. Only with acceptance, she realized her instructions would be applied, resulting in self-care. Opening the windows for some fresh air, the nurse observed the children’s instant reaction to the sunlight. Without a second thought, the nurse insisted on Isabel’s permission allowing the nurse to clean the room. After extensive soap and warm-water scrubs, the...

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