Adolescent Depression

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1. General description of depression
* Describe depression
Add the exact definition of depression.
Depression is a prevalent problem among adolescents, which may cause further mental or physical issues. Serious depression is regarded as diseases and is one of the oldest recorded diseases in medicine history.
* Why is it important
* How does it impact the biological, psychological, social development?
Except the weight loss, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance and some other common symptoms, the impact of depression in biological development has always been underestimated, depression will comorbid with other chronic diseases such as angina, arthritis, asthma, and diabetes which will leads to worse health situation.
(Moussavi, S., Chatterji, S., Verdes, E., Tandon, A., Patel, V., & Ustun, B. (2007). Depression, chronic diseases, and decrements in health: results from the World Health Surveys. Lancet, 370(9590), 851–8. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(07)61415-9)
In term of psychology, depression is not a fleeting sadness but a pervasive and relentless sense of despair. A lack of interest in life accompanied by feelings of uselessness (needs to be improved)
In terms of social development, depression will also cause plenty of problems. Adolescents with depression will be easier to go to extreme which will lead to the unstableness of the society.
* Why is it important to adolescent development?
Adolescents with depression are more likely to have harmful behaviors, such as substance abuse and unprotected sexual activity. Which will do harm to their further development. Also some study shows that adolescents have depression will have higher chance of getting other mental disorders when they become adult.
* Why is it important to society?
Modem society makes people in a very stressful lifestyle which results in the wildly existence of depression,…...

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...Research Paper: Victory Over Depression Abstract: In today’s society depression can be seen as taboo and something that is not socially acceptable. However, it is the ongoing reality for many women. The struggle with depression in the life of women is more common than not, whether it is undiagnosed or diagnosis it is prevalent regardless of ones socioeconomically background. The paper will explore depression onset, treatment and explore how individuals can have work towards having complete victory over depression. Class session 9 – “Fox Meadows Assisted Living”, page 177-178, Sweeney-Feld and Oetjen textbook.  The case study questions that you must respond to are found on page 178. The review of each team case should not exceed 12 double spaced pages, not including your APA cover page and a reference page. All type must be Times Roman 12 point pica. Use the APA style for citing all sources The team management paper (e.g., case analysis) accounts for 25 points, or 25 percent of your grade Background: The black box of depression can potentially have an unpredictable impact on the life of an individual. Those who struggle with this diagnosis on a day to day basis at times cannot predict the outcome of the situation if left untreated. That National Alliance of Mental Illness reports nearly 15 million Americans averaging one and ten adults experience some form of depression annually. The statistics amongst women are considerably startling because...

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...No one is immune from depression. We all can have a period in our lives that we can suffer from depression. Depression not only affects the patient; it affects everyone who is around the patient. Some famous people who have suffered from bipolar depression disorder are Edgar Allen Poe, Jimi Hendrix, and Theodore Roosevelt. Some of the most famous people who have helped shape our world are Sigmund Freud, Sir Issac Newton, George Washington had faced unipolar depression disorder (Sherma, 2006). Bipolar and Unipolar are both depression disorders however, they are slightly different. Let’s explore the difference, the causes, and the treatments of both bipolar and unipolar depression disorders. People who suffer from bipolar disorder suffer from depression that alternates with periods of mania (Comer, 2005). Mania is excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm. People who have this disorder go from having moods happiness to moods of irritability, anger, and depression. Those who suffer from this disorder experience very sad moods and very happy moods with no level or middle ground. When a patient is in a really low mood, it is the most dangerous for them because he or she may have many thoughts of suicide (WebMD, 2012). These mood swings may or may not be as dramatic, however, they are frequent. Although doctors do not completely know the causes of this disorder, there are some experts who believe that it may be hereditary. Evidence does show that the environment and...

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