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Adolf Hitler Autobiography

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Investigation of the Life of Adolph Hitler


April 28, 2015

His character Adolph Hitler was a renowned tyrannical, brutal individual. The holocaust genocide of the 6 million Jews by his troops was due to his unflinching orders that were disobeyed only at the sacrifice of your life, nothing less. He embraced the army fully after slightly more than twenty years of age to defend his country against his enemies at the utter defeat only in his death. After the World War I that occurred in the August of 1914, Hitler embraced victory as salvation by use of war (Parparov et al., 2005). His brutality is seen in the loss of the many innocent lives at his hands such as from his village backyard in the name of securing his name against any taint, be they of family background or whatever.
Hitler was a highly secretive man. Nowhere in the prominent history has anyone succeeded to uncover his tracks, especially which deals with his education save from his own autobiographical book. He found himself as a quarter Jew, while at the same time paranoid about them, led to his order of utter destruction of home village just to hide his identity. His tiny village was replaced with the army artillery and put out of recognition so that it has no expressive language to describe what was there before the unfortunate fiery ordeal that consumed it to ashes. One time he warned his nephew named Patrick never to grant any interviews concerning themselves to the press. He could even boldly declare to people that they would never know who he was, let alone his extinguished background (Parparov et al., 2005). And as if born from no family he declared himself as one among the Forkish community, non-family person.
The man became vindictive with time. Over a long period of time Adolph Hitler developed a character of seeking revenge for evils done to him, and the whole German...

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