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Adopt a Dog

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Dogs are wonderful companions; they love unconditionally and bring joy to the people around them. The energy and enthusiasm they exhibit help keep people moving and interested. The differences in breeds allow you to select the size, temperament and level of security you desire. I am going to adopt a dog as a companion for my dog Jake and myself. I think it’s time you looked into adopting a dog yourself. Adopting a dog would be good for you because it will provide company for you, be beneficial to your exercise program and overall health, as well as alert you when visitors come to your home. The friendliness and loyalty of a dog is a special relationship. You see their exuberance when you take them out to play and every time you return home; whether it is from running quick errands or being at work all day. Jake greets me at the door every evening. He brings joy and laughter into life daily. He can simultaneously give and seek attention; tossing one of his toys to get you to play with him and at the same time looking at you with the quintessential puppy dog eyes to make sure you notice his antics. He stays fit chasing deer off and patrolling the property. Jake is playful and attentive to our five grandchildren when they come to visit. He has experienced them all from babies; the twelve-year-old back when he was young to the one year old he met earlier this year. .
One of the first things we noticed after adopting our dog, Jake, thirteen years ago was we were going for walks with him for his exercise and training. I spent time out in the yard going through training routines with Jake. We walked and played; I threw balls and sticks and he chased them down and brought them back. You have mentioned how hard it is to stay with your walking regimen due to boredom and monotony. When walking your dog that will change; a dog is never bored during his walk. Dogs always…...

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... Now is how you will adopt a new member of you family. B. There is one question left you ask you need to ask yourself. What do you expect from your dog? C. If companionship is all you need consider adopting from a shelter. If you’re seeking health, performance, and other things adopt from a reputable breeder.  These should be the only two options when adopting a dog as state in Purebreed rescue dog adoption rewards and realities. II. In Shelter dogs If you live in America you should realize that sheltering dogs is a big problem. III. The number 1 reason for shelters pets is, irresponsible owners. It’s not the fault of the dogs themselves. IV. A story called Seconds chance: inspiring stories of dog adoption says Dogs in shelters and rescues are harder to train because of their past experiences and training. With a little love and attention, any shelter dog can be turned into the one you want. V. Today I would like to inform you about on how you can adopt a dog yourself. (Transition: Lets start by looking at the options we have to adopt.) Body I. The local shelter or pound is an excellent place to seek mixed breed dogs of any age. A. The shelter may receive pure breeds occasionally. You have to wait a little bit before the right dog comes. 1. Patience is the key into finding the right one. It will always be worth it, found in The lucky dog matchmaking service. 2. You can buy dogs from many places such...

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