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Adrenaline Rush

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On vacations, we usually go to places we’ve never been, eat food that we’ve never tasted, and do things we’ve never tried. Well, here’s one of my trips that made me try out a new sport. A sport that wasn’t very common and known to most people nowadays. It was in the late summer of 2011, when my Dad got back from his work. He asked me and my Mom if we wanted to go to Bicol, and we said yes. CWC Wake park, the place where I first learned how to ride a wake board It was a very adrenaline-filled experience that I’ll never forget and I’ve decided to share the experience.

I sat on the dock, my feet submerged in the water. The board strapped to my feet. My hands were getting cold as the man hands me the wooden rail. The rail was connected to a rope which was controlled by a machine. As I hold on, the handle bar gained power and it tugged me along. I was on my board, the wind in my face. I was going faster and faster by the second. It felt great, the speed, the wind, everything. Everything was alright until I let go of the handle which made me go into the water. I rose up and I realized that my hands were sore. I walked back to the dock, wanting to go for another spin. That was the first time I went wake boarding.

Learning a new “sport” can be really hard. Wake boarding is a water sport that anyone can learn if they want to. Learning something can be really hard, you have to be dedicated and you should accept all the failures and challenges you face along the way. I myself had quite a hard time wake boarding but it was fun because I got to learn a sport that not a lot of people know how to...

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