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Adressing Modes

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CH11 Instruction Sets: Addressing Modes and Formats
Software and Hardware interface

Addressing Modes
• • • • • • • Immediate Direct Indirect Register Register Indirect Displacement (Indexed) Stack

• • • •

Addressing Pentium and PowerPC Addressing Modes Instruction Formats Pentium and PowerPC Instruction Formats

Computer Science

Immediate Addressing

Immediate Addressing Diagram

• Operand is part of instruction • Operand = address field • e.g. ADD 5
Add 5 to contents of accumulator 5 is operand

Instruction Opcode Operand

• No memory reference to fetch data • Fast • Limited range

Direct Addressing
• Address field contains address of operand • Effective address (EA) = address field (A) • e.g. ADD A
Add contents of cell A to accumulator Look in memory at address A for operand • Single memory reference to access data

Direct Addressing Diagram

Instruction Opcode Address A Memory

• No additional calculations to work out effective address • Limited address space


Indirect Addressing (1)
• Memory cell pointed to by address field contains the address of (pointer to) the operand • EA = (A)
Look in A, find address (A) and look there for operand • e.g. ADD (A) Add contents of cell pointed to by contents of A to accumulator

Indirect Addressing (2)
• Large address space • 2n where n = word length • May be nested, multilevel, cascaded
e.g. EA = (((A))) f Draw the diagram yourself

• Multiple memory accesses to find operand • Hence slower

Indirect Addressing Diagram

Register Addressing (1)
• • • • Operand is held in register named in address filed EA = R Limited number of registers Very small address field needed
Shorter instructions Faster instruction fetch

Instruction Opcode Address A Memory Pointer to operand


Register Addressing (2)
• • • • No memory access Very fast execution...

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