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1. What are the core business processes (i.e. high level; major business and financial services) performed at Bank of America as part of its product and service offerings?

Core Bank of America Business Process: | Activities within the Core Process | people management | * recruiting * performance management * staff development * payroll * benefits administration | financial management | * general ledger * accounts payable * accounts receivable * reporting and compliance * cash management * asset management | Customer Relations | * Online banking ease * Help customers accessing all services provided by the bank * Help and guidance * Maintain good relations * Updating customers on their accounts * Informing them about best ways to update accounts and their information | Deposit account management | * Proof of identity * Social security number * Customer information * Account information * Transaction details | Marketing and sales of account | * Updating customers about benefits and relations * Responding timely * Benefits by attaining better relations | add as many rows as required…… | |

2. List the sequential, descriptive steps required in a typical ATM transaction (your choice), such as drawing out cash or transferring funds from one account to another. Be sure to include those steps executed by local ATM system itself as well as those done by information systems housed within the Bank’s centralized data center. Use this table to organize your responses.

Steps by Customer | Steps by ATM System | Steps by other Banking Systems | Inserting the card | Checking the inserted card | Checking account details | Entering private pin | Asking for the valid pin and checking its validity | Checking the transactions and account balances | Selecting the type of transactions | Asking...

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