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In class, we read the Book of Devils Arithmetic and we watched the movie. I would recommend the book over the movie. They were about the Holocaust. The Holocaust was very sad, but very interesting to read about. Now, here are some reasons why I liked the book more than the movie. The book gave more description on the concentration camp. The movie couldn’t even begin to show what actually happened in the camps. In the book, the night sounded harsh
, but in movie, they didn’t look that bad. The book had more details on what kids did in the camps, but the movie didn’t show them at all. The book gave more description on how mean the guards were. In the movie the guards seemed mean, but nothing compared to the great description of the book. In the book, I liked that Hannah was younger. I didn’t like the scene of the character getting Tattoos with her friends. It made her look a lot worse than the book. I liked how she was our age because it related to us more. If we were in her situation, this is similar to what we would do. In the book before the sedar meal she was at her Catholic friends house and they were celebrating Easter. They were eating Jelly Beans and Hannah was Jealous and wanted to become Catholic. I liked that scene in the book over her getting Tattoos in the movie. The book had more characters and more description on characters. Gitl was one of my favorite characters in the book and he wasn’t in the movie. The book gave more detail on their personality and their characteristics. On their characteristics you could use your imagination more. The movie was more straight forward adding characters with no description.
The movie was more acting because they Holocaust is to cruel to try to act out. The book you could believe it more. Those are the reasons why I loved the book, and not so much the movie. I would recommend the book to all classes. The Holocaust is very interesting to learn and read about.

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