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Adult Childhood

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In the readings below, the awareness of what is faced by adolescence and how this particular stage in their lives is affected as they develop into a state of maturity. The major struggles for teens in their youthful years are to identify themselves and come to terms with forthcoming adulthood and separation from family (Berger, 2008). There are a number of positive as well as negative consequences of important developmental choices during this time phase. In addition detailed depictions of the changes adolescence come into contact with in regards to peer relationships in middle childhood and as well as youth. The scrutinizing aspects of adolescent egocentrism also the pressures often faced in adolescence, such as peer pressure, substance use and abuse, dating, sexuality, and changes within family relationships.

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When analyzing the reality of the pressures often faced within the adolescence community. It has been found, peer interaction can determine a type of association to fit in a particular social group. Peer relationships endow with optimistic growth. As well as foster peer interaction (Blume, 2006). As youth indwell on having meaningful friendships because of their constant interaction it would lead to an important development in their life. Therefore peers later on in life have these important dealings with one another because it was maintained while they were an adolescent. Another difficulty that is equally exposed to adolescents is the pressure of substance abuse. The history of substance abuse in adolescents over time found that when children leave the nest and the security they always once were use too, they have are a target for a much higher risk in trying to fit in and experiment with addictive drugs, i.e. Illegal or non illegal drugs the chances are far greater higher. It is...

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