Adult Learning Theory-Rough Draft

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FEBRUARY 23, 2013

Adult Learning Theories are formulated based on the intellect of adults. The obstacles one many have in their personal life that could hinder their performance. Instructors use these theories in order to structure the learning material and what criteria their students fall under. Every student is unique, their situation, circumstances, and life experiences differ from one another. The intention of adult learning theories are to give scholars an insight on the learning process.
The article written by Cari Kenner and Jason Weinerman goes into detail of how and why it is critical to consider and comprehend the different perspectives, culture differences, life experiences, and level of professionalism that adult learners can contribute to the learning environment. Instructors must be subjective when forming learning material. Adults are constantly learning new material to enhance their knowledge, for the purpose of advancing their career opportunities. In Andragogy, Knowles talks about the four principles of the average adult learner. Adults are obstinate, independent curious learners; they understand the process of learning as well the reason for learning a particular subject, and the benefit of learner to a certain degree. Adults have an objective for learning and it is absolutely critical for scholars as well as instructors to embrace the different aspects of learning (Knowles 1984). Strategic thinking would be the best way to think when accessing new learning material. The learning material should be presented in a professional sufficient manner, so that the scholar will perceive the material as profitable and not confusing.
The author presented relevant information, on how it is essential for developing scholars to acknowledge every aspect of the learning…...