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contract law
Web 1 Incapacity W1
Diagram W1A Overview of incapacity W2
W1.1 Children W3
W1.1.1 Contracts to supply ‘necessaries’ W3
W1.1.2 Employment and other benefi cial contracts W4
W1.1.3 Contracts involving land, marriage settlements, company shares, and partnerships W5
W1.1.4 Other contracts W6
W1.1.5 Restitution to children W6
W1.1.6 The liability of children W6
W1.2 Mental incapacity, drink, and drugs W8
W1.3 Companies W10
W1.4 Public authorities W11
Web 2 Illegality and public policy W13
W2.1 What are illegal contracts? W14
W2.1.1 Statutory illegality W14
Diagram W2A Overview: Categories of illegal contracts W15
W2.1.2 Common law illegality W16
W2.1.2.1 Contracts to commit a crime W17
W2.1.2.2 Contracts made for the deliberate commission of a civil wrong W17
W2.1.2.3 Contracts interfering with the administration of justice W17
W2.1.2.4 Contracts to oust the jurisdiction of the courts W18
W2.1.2.5 Contracts prejudicial to the state W18
W2.1.2.6 Contracts which further sexually immoral purposes W19
W2.1.2.7 Contracts prejudicial to family life W19
W2.1.2.8 Contracts unduly restrictive of personal liberty W20
W2.1.2.9 Contracts in restraint of trade W20
W2.1.2.10 Restrictive trading and analogous agreements W24
W2.1.3 Illegality and unfairness W24
W2.2 The effects of illegality W25
W2.2.1 The enforceability of the contract W26
W2.2.1.1 Illegality at formation W26 web contents ii WEB CONTENTS
Diagram W2B The enforceability of illegal contracts W27
W2.2.1.2 Intention to achieve an illegal purpose or perform illegally W28
W2.2.1.3 Subsequent illegality of means W30
W2.2.1.4 Severance W31
W2.2.2 The availability of restitution W31
Diagram W2C Restitution of benefi ts transferred under an illegal contract W32
W2.2.2.1 Unequal blame W33
W2.2.2.2 Timely...

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