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Bank PO & Clerk
Understanding Banks
In today’s world, banks have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. They have grown beyond their core functions and have their presence in almost every aspect of our lives. Banks were originally designed to be providers of loans to people for personal or business use and to safeguard the money of individuals and corporates. Over a period of time, banks have not only executed their core functionalities but also helped better our lives by rendering us a wide range of services like exchange of foreign currency, investment banking, mutual funds, insurances, demat services, online trading of shares etc.
Why Career In Banking
With the growing appetite of banks to venture into services and expanding the definition of the term “banking”, there is clearly a huge opportunity for people who want to have banking as their career option. The avenues and opportunities in this sector seem to be limitless with the advent of this new age banking systems. There are currently 81 scheduled commercial banks with a combined network of 53,000 branches in India. With this kind of a growth it comes as no surprise that the banking sector was the largest job provider for the last 3 years. It is estimated that there is a requirement for about 7.5 lakh bank job positions that needs to be filled in the next 5 years.
These openings are across the various banking designations: from bank clerks to probationary officers, IT officers. Apart from the MBAs and CAs there is a good scope for technical posts like agricultural officers, industry officers, law officers and economic officers.
Career Path of Probationary officer
A banks probationary officer is the entry level recruitment for bank officers. They will be trained for accounting, marketing, finance, investment as well as billing and a PO’s...

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