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| | | Semester | : | June 2013 | Course Leader | : | Iznora Aini Zolkifly | Office Location | : | Faculty of Business and Information Technology, Block B1-3A, Leisure Commerce Square | Consultation Hours | : | Tuesday : 2.30 pm – 4.30p.m Thursday : 2.30 pm – 4.30p.m jk | Telephone | : | 03-76277373 | E-mail | : | | Tutors (Optional) | : | | | | | | |
Course Synopsis The course contains current issues in Information and Communication Technology that focus on the area of information science, computer networking, multimedia, medical informatics and information security and computer forensic. Exposure through visitation, events, and seminar will be implemented in this course in order to obtain the global technology as it is impacting all walks of life all over the world.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are: * To expose students to the various area in IT through visitation and events. * To provide a series of seminar in order to gain current issues and trends in ICT. * To develop a knowledgeable and skilled computer professionals guided by the needs of companies and employers. Learning outcomes

* Present verbally on current issues in different areas of information and communication technology through group presentation and discussions. * Summarize the latest technology offered in order to solve the real world problem. * Document the finding on current issues and trends in ICT from the series of seminar attended and visitation organized.

Recommended/Required Materials

Main Reference(s) | Newspapers, magazine, articles, journals, research paper |
Course Assessment

Participation | : | 5% | Assignments/Project | : | 45% | Final Examination | : | 50% | Total: | 100% |

Course Requirements & Policies Example:
You are expected to fulfill the following...

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