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GRAV009 Advanced Topics in International Marketing Compulsory Graduate Graduate school 1 2 st nd

6 ECTS; 36 hours of class work, 126 hours of self-study Prof. Dr. Hemant Merchant Marketing, International Marketing; Programme requirements (pre-reading) Consecutive (Evenings & Online) English

COURSE ANNOTATION This course is designed to facilitate a more “applied/practical” understanding of contemporary issues facing companies who market (or intend to market) their products/services across national boundaries. The course focuses on real-life challenges that companies encounter in the context of their international marketing function (broadly defined). In general, these challenges relate to identifying, evaluating, and making tradeoffs across national, organizational, and personal contexts. Thus, we will discuss formulation- and implementation-related challenges as well as generate solutions to ‘international marketing’ dilemmas.

COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES Learning Methods: Case discussion; Role plays; Mini-debates; Mini-lectures Assessment methods: Class participation; Case presentation; Final exam CLO1. Understand the international marketing environment; Contemplate and analyze international marketing opportunities. CLO2. Gain an understanding of international marketing effort related to the market entry and marketing mix strategies CLO3. Identify, interpret and evaluate information sources related to multinational marketing with the emphasis on information technologies (Internet). CLO4. Understand the principles of global retail management, such as site location, environmental impacts on retail planning and execution, global sourcing,...

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Product Placement film presents the world of the past. Words aren’t fully up to the task of comprehending the film experience” (2006, p.1). Product placement (also sometimes referred to as“brand integration”) is the inclusion of branded products or identifiers through audio or visual means within mass-media programming (Balasubramanian 1994). This paper is aim to discuss the affect of product placement on film’s content and production company. With the development of society and technology, there is no denying that the film industry has formed its own unique business model in modern world. In order to product high quality films and obtain greater profits, the film production companies have to invested heavily in its films. In other words, it is impossible to product a high level and appealing film without the support of abundant capital in some extent. In this context, a large number of sponsorship of big brand company plays a significant role in film industry. As a typical representative of new advertisement, product placement is deeply affect films in terms of content, structure, production and so on. According to the data of PQ Media (2007), it spent $885.1 million on product placement embed into the film in the world in 2006. In the meantime, the product placement which means the combination of art and commerce. It is the existence of product placement that the film production team obtained sufficient funds to achieve their expected design plan rather than trade-off everything about......

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