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Write a three-paragraph essay analyzing the nonverbal communication used by JFK in the speech. How effectively was it used? How would his nonverbal language be different if the speech was presented during this age of technology?

LA-205 Week #3 Assignment
During President John F Kennedy inauguration speech in 1961, his speech was very strong and confident. His speech was loud and clear to the crowd. His body language showed his determination and his hand gestures show he meant what he was saying. He scanned the crowd as he quickly glanced at his notes.
His body language showed them that he was welcoming them to join him on this journey by helping to better their nation. He was showing strength and aggression toward the nation issues. He spoken clear and loud like a man with a plan,
His facial expression looked serious and sincere looking right at the crowd trying to connect to them as if he was directly talking to them individually. His hand would be in a close fist as he banged on the podium and pointed his finger down with an up and down movement on the podium. Showing he meant it and was serious.
His voice would rise louder and he would look straight at the crowd when you would say certain parts of the speech, Example ask what you can do for your country.
During the speech the crowd seem to very attentive to every word he spoke, he had their full attention. As he continues to speak the crowd seems to feel he understood what he needed to do. They felt like they were apart of helping to better the nation.
Technology today would have been in color and the clarity of the visual and audio would have better quality sound. The dressing of the people might have been more...

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