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Advanced Networks

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Exercise 3:
Duration: 3-4 weeks

In Exercise 1, you learned about ABC, a manufacturer of new electric cars. ABC has chosen you to design a new network that will let the company scale to a larger size. The campus network will support about 1200 employees and a new data center. Another feature of the campus network will be a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with networked equipment that communicates with servers in the data center that support real-time control and management. Engineers will access the servers from their PCs in the access layer of the campus network. ABC will sell its new Cars both online and through a large national car retail company. For online sales, ABC plans to have a DMZ that connects a public web server, a DNS server, and an email server. The web server needs to communicate with back-end servers in the data center that hold customer billing data.
Design and draw a logical topology that will support ABC’s needs. In addition to meeting the specified needs, be sure to consider security.

1. Explain why you think your design meets the needs of ABC.

2. List the major user communities for your design.

3. List the major data stores and the user communities for each data store.

4. Identify major network traffic flows in your network topology drawing.

5. How does your design provide security for ABC’s network?

6. What questions will you ask ABC about this project as you do your work?


Exercise 4:
Duration: 3 weeks

Ip Addressing: Solve the following questions. Use of online IP calculators is strictly prohibited. You must include evidence of calculation.

Q1- Separate the network portion of these addresses (assumed class based IP addressing)

Q2- Write...

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