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Advanced Professional Development

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Introduction 2

Task 1
Methods to Improve Personal and Professional Skills
• Counselling 3
• Mentoring 3
• Differences 3-4

Professional Development Skills to Help Meet Personal or
Organizational Goals and Objectives
• Conflict Management 4
• Delegating With Confidence 4
• Meeting the Challenge of Administrative Leadership 5

Time Management 5

The Value of continuous Professional Development to the
Organization and the Individual 5
• Value to the Individual 6
• Value to the Employer 6

Task 2

Personal Skills Audit
• Purpose 7-8

Importance of Identifying Learning Style 8
How to Monitor the Effectiveness of My Own Learning Style 8-9

Task 3
The Purpose of a Personal Development Plan (PDP) 10-11

My Skills Audit as a Business Development Officer 12-14

Personal Development Plan for Current Position as
Business Development Officer 15-16

Conclusion 16

References 17

Advanced Professional Development


Advanced Professional Development is a programme designed to guide learners in being accountable for their learning and development needs to meet personal, professional, and organizational goals and objectives in order to remain competitive in a globalized working environment.

This paper seeks to:
• Explore methods to improve personal and professional skills to meet organizational and own goals and objectives.
• Carry out personal skills audit which identifies preferred learning style
• Prepare and implement a personal development plan


Methods to Improve Personal and Professional Skills

Counselling is helping an individual to improve performance by helping to resolve situations from the past. Within the workplace, the goal is to help…...

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