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In this manuscript, research on hydrogen internal combustion engines is discussed. The objective of this paper is to provide a means of renewable hydrogen based fuel utilization. The development of a high efficiency, low emissions electrical generator will lead to establishing a path for renewable hydrogen based fuel utilization. A full-scale prototype will be produced in collaboration with commercial manufacturers.
The electrical generator is based on developed internal combustion engine technology. It is able to operate on many hydrogen-containing fuels. The efficiency and emissions are comparable to fuel cells (50% fuel to electricity, ~ 0 NOx). This electrical generator is applicable to both stationary power and hybrid vehicles. It also allows specific markets to utilize hydrogen economically and painlessly.
Two motivators for the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier today are: 1) to provide a transition strategy from hydrocarbon fuels to a carbonless society and 2) to enable renewable energy sources. The first motivation requires a little discussion while the second one is self-evident. The most common and cost effective way to produce hydrogen today is the reformation of hydrocarbon fuels, specifically natural gas. Robert Williams discusses the cost...

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