Advances in Medical Technology for the Good?

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“Advances in medicine and agriculture have saved vastly more lives than have been lost in all the wars in history.”- Carl Sagan
Advances in medical technology have led to more lives being saved, than lives being lost in all the wars in history. If that statistic is out there including our soldiers, then think about for example, how many lives of soldiers we could save. Advances in medical technology don’t have to necessarily be held off to just citizens within our country’s boundaries, but also our citizens who are fighting and are wounded in combat across the globe. Doctors would not be needed to be flown across the world, instead, we could just send a machine that could do the work instead. Summed up, advances in technology will replace the need for actual doctors.
Technology will replace 80% of what doctors do, being the majority of surgeries and advance operations. According to CNN Money and Vinod Khosla, “Much of what physicians do (checkups, testing, diagnosis, prescription, behavior-modification, etc.) can be done better by sensors, passive, and active data collection, and analytics.” Shortened up, machines will be able to do what doctors do, much more efficiently and quickly. They also said, “But, doctors aren’t supposed to just measure. They’re supposed to consume all that data, consider it in context of the latest medical findings and the patients history, and figure out if something is wrong.” Because of human error and the human limitations of memory, machines will be able to store a much larger database of prescriptions and medicines. Machines will then be able to prescribe a better solution than a doctor, who might only remember a handful of medicines that they learned in medical school.
Machines will replace 80% of doctors in the healthcare future that will be driven by entrepreneurs, not medical professionals.”Machine learning, he argues, will…...