Advantage and Disadvantage of Rh Bill

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Advantages and Disadvantages of RH BILL

The statement that reproductive health means "free sex, use of contraseptives,abortion if contraception fails." is not found anywhere on that bill. Use of contraseptives,yes, but free sex and abortion if contraception fails?! If you have read the bill, that'sdefinitely putting words into the authors' mouth. The word "prevent" is not synonymousfor "killing" the catholic church stand for using this method shows that using this methodof preventing is a way killing one's life, they say that sperm and egg cells are the victimof this method, but they doesn't have a life yet they are only a part of a humans' lives,so if they are saying that contraception can "kill" those cells then I consider that allteenagers, young adult, adult or even some of the elderly males are "killers" because itis a nature and normal for the males to "masturbate" and if the orgasm occur the semenwill ejaculate from the males reproductiveorgan and the one content of semen aremillions of sperm cells and in a matter of seconds the sperm cell will die if they areexposed to air, so we kill millions of it and "killing" is a mortal sin. "Killing" is only whenthe two cell are develop and formed as fetus then you terminate it and try to removefrom your womb, that is already "killing" and it is called "Abortion."

The advantages of the RH Bill include the couple's choice in the number of children they may like; theselection of the family planning method they will use; and more importantly thereproductive health education they may derive from the proposed law. And

Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines is that hopes to provide midwives for skilledattendance to childbirth and emergency obstetric care, even in geographically isolatedand depressed areas. Thus, the one of the causes of maternal mortality, that arisingfrom unattended births, will be…...