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Advantage of Children in Watching Television

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Television has bad effects on kids. First, wherever television becomes available for a number of hours a day, it dominates the leisure time of children. As the children have spent too much time on watching television, they will spent less time on exploring, playing and interacting with parents, friends and others. At age of children, time should be filled with activities that are beneficial for them such as reading books, interact with friends and family have been replace with spent watching television. Secondly, the television also will effect on the taste of the children. Means that, the children who often spent time on watching television will prefer more on adult programme. The negative consequences are they prefer the more violent type of adult programme, including the western, the adventure programme, and crime drama. Other than that, television also has its maximum psychological effect on children. A child with high violent behavior will probably make special use of the aggressive material he finds in a television programme. Many children tend to learn commit a crime by watching television.

1. LEARNING FROM TELEVISION- a good teacher can teach effectively by television. useful activities of education can be carried on by television.On the other hand, to the extent that teaching goes on by means of lecture and demonstration, then television has an unequalled ability to share the best teaching and the best demonstrations. It was found in Canada that children in a television town came -to the first grade of school with vocabularies about a year more advanced than children in a town without television (12). the children with television knew actually less about public affairs. To what extent this television world view becomes a child's real world view, affects his plans and expectations and preparations, and controls his behaviour as an adult is not yet fully known. There is no doubt that children imitate some of the fashions and customs they see on television. There is no doubt that children imitate some of the fashions and customs they see on television. their favourite television heroes and heroines. children in trouble with the law have said that they have learned how to commit a crime from television crime dramas.

2. WHEN DOES TELEVISION AFFECT A CHILD'S OUTLOOK AND VALUES- WHEN DOES TELEVISION AFFECT A CHILD'S OUTLOOK AND VALUES The values are presented in dramatic form so that they evoke emotional reactions. A child with high aggres - sion willprobablymake specialuse of the aggressive material he finds in a television programme. Many children may learn from a television crime programme how a holdup is committed, but only a few children . This is the extent to which the child can identify with one or more of the characters in a programme. When a child thus identified himself with a character, he is much more ready to accept an idea or attitude which his hero accepts, or to feel the fright of somethingthat threatens his hero, or the anger his hero feels at some dastardly deed done to him.

3. TELEVISION AND DELINQUENCY- they reach into the personality, the family experience, the peer group relationships of the delinquent or criminal individual Television may contribute by teaching a criminal skill which may be used when the individual decides to commit a crime. It may trigger off an act of delinquency by feeding a child's aggressive nature.

4. THE EFFECT OF VIOLENCE- Then they are shown a film or a television recording of a drama in which aggressive behaviour plays a prominent part. But the children who were initially frustrated (the experimental group) have not reduced their aggression; if anything, they have built it up. They have in many cases found ways to express it. We know that children with high levels of aggression are especially attracted to violent programmes on television. Now let us add another possible element to the situation. Suppose an aggressive child regularly identified with a hero who himself uses violence to solve problems. Analysing the reactions of the boys they were studying, they concluded that such a mass media experience as this is especially dangerous for juvenile delinquents or potential delinquents. Worries have also been expressed about the effect on aggressive children of seeing television heroes who, although on the right side of an argument, still use violence to solve interpersonal problems, and themselves take on the punishing of the "bad guy". The child who has unsatisfactory relations with children his own age is often driven to a fantasy life in which the violence and excitement of the picture tube helps him to forget his own frustrations in real life. television or films may contribute to a case of mental illness, when the condition exists. Children with schizoid personalities, who tend to avoid intimate relationships with other persons and to live deeply within their own daydreams and fantasies, are likely to use television as a retreat from the stresses of personal relationships. But watching televisionin a group does not seem to make for a really strong group relationship; each member of the family reacts individually more often than as part of a group, to the television he sees.

5. PHYSICAL EFFECTS- Television postpones average bedtimes a few minutes, but seems to decrease sleeping time very little because children who have stayed up later appearto goto sleep more quickly. It is true that there are reports in the research of children who are frightened by eveningtelevision and unable to go to sleep, and of children who are sleepy in school because they have stayed up late at night to see a programme. has a bad effect on children's eyesight. not to sit closer than six feet from the screen, and to sit with the screen at approximately eye level

When television has come into a country, however, it has usually gone through the whole media research cycle. The first studies of its effects on children have usually been descriptions of viewing behaviour: how much time do children spend on television? at what hours do they view? what programmes? The second question asked is the effect of television on leisure time: what does it do to children's playtime? their time at home? their study time? their reading time? their use of radio and movies? Third in order, typically, follow questions about their reactions to television: what programmes do they like? what content do they believe? what frightens or amuses them? Finally, research faces up to the really hard questions of television's effect on values, knowledge, physical and mental health, and social behaviour.

has an undesirable effect on health, or that it is a sole and sufficient cause of asocial behaviour like delinquency or crime. But television's relationship as a contributory cause to asocial behaviour, its contribution to values and knowledge, its interaction with maladjustment and mental illness - all these are immensely complicated matters and far from completely understood.

by comparing children with television to children without television. effect on knowledge, values, physical and mental health, and social behaviour - their answers were less confident than in matters of television behaviour, leisure time effects, and reactions.

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