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Handbook for RCOG Trainers

July 2011

Introduction Section 1: Introduction to RCOG educational roles
1.1 College Tutor 1.2 Educational Supervisor 1.3 ATSM Director 1.4 ATSM Preceptor 1.5 ATSM Educational Supervisor 1.6 Deanery Ultrasound Co-ordinator 1.7 Ultrasound Educational Supervisor 1.8 Subspecialty Training Programme Supervisor (STPS) 4

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Section 2: Structure of postgraduate education
2.1 The curriculum 2.2 Postgraduate training, assessment and appraisal 2.3 Annual review of training 2.4 RCOG forms for appraisal 2.5 MRCOG examinations 2.6 DRCOG examination

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Section 3: Managing local/regional education
3.1 Guidance for dealing with the poorly performing trainee 3.2 Regional education 3.3 Welcoming the new trainee 3.4 Training needs for trainers 3.5 Top tips for College Tutors and Educational Supervisors

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Section 4: Resources
4.1 Bibliography for medical education 4.2 List of educational resources

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Section 5: Appendices
5.1 Appendix 1: Sample letter of welcome 5.2 Appendix 2: Example of introductory programme

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The delivery of training and education is a core responsibility for the National Health Service (NHS). The General Medical Council sets the standards for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and works with the Colleges to determine the curriculum, assessments and implementation. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) has established specific educational roles to support the delivery of training. This document is provided as guidance for those undertaking these important roles. The main roles are College Tutor, Educational Supervisor, ATSM Director, ATSM Preceptor, ATSM Educational Supervisor and Ultrasound Director. These notes are intended to act as a reference for the RCOG...

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