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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers

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Advantages and disadvantages of computers

Nowadays we can find many advantages about how the computers have given us a lot of

help, but what happens when these advantages change our way of life and try to harm us

destroying little by little our lives. Let us talk about this controversial topic in two important


First of all, our everyday life has known a very remarkable development in fact the use of

computers technologies became indispensable. This excessive use of it has permitted a

considerable growth in different fields, study research and industry. But it renders the human

factor less creative, more dependents and it is not friable one hundred per cent.

For example, because of computers we can store data and make stay in its original state,

like pictures, documents and other things. This was not possible in the earlier time. Because of it,

we can store large amounts of data and make this data available for usage at any time we needed

it. In addition, the computers also help us work efficiently and save time, they are

a good entertainment venue where people can play games, watch movies and listen to music.

Despite the huge benefits of computers, it can’t be denied that their disadvantages

are also a complicated problem. The computers can have a bad effect to our health,

especially our eyes. Seeing computers too often in the long run might causes a lot of optic

diseases. Besides, computers can affect our mental health for the large amount of bad

knowledge on the Internet, which can lead to moral deterioration, especially children

and teenagers.

Furthermore, sitting in front of the monitor for too long makes people become

inactive and unsociable. Besides, the use of computers has led to other criminal actions

such as hacking, which can steal and manipulate...

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