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Advantages and Disadvantages of Corruption

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Table of Contents Definition of Corruption 1 Advantages and disadvantages of corruption 2 Poverty 2 The worst access to education and health services 2 An additional burden for investors 2 At the same time, there are positive consequences of corruption. 3 Reference 4

Definition of Corruption
Corruption is difficult to determine. The most common definition of corruption is the abuse of official position with an ax to grind. Also on the basis of anti-corruption law in Estonia corrupt practices is the use of official position for personal gain, by making unreasonable or unlawful decision or action, or not making legitimate decisions or actions. “Corruption has many faces. It may be in the form of money or of providing services in order to gain advantages such as favourable treatment, special protection, extra services, or reduced delays”. (NHO)

Problem with this definition is that it is not appropriate for all cultures and societies, for example, those where there is no difference between private and public sector. Also, what is considered as corruption in one society may not be so in another society. Nevertheless, in every society it can be actions that are condemned for cultural reasons, and expectations that are imposed on perpetrators of public functions.

Ambiguity is the fact that the phenomenon of corruption has been seen mainly in public sector. Such an understanding of corruption is limited for two reasons. First, the "offer" of corruption, as usually occurs in the private sector, for example, if the bribe-taker is a private enterprise. Second, corruption can thrive well in the private or third sector, in the latter, such as obtaining government benefits or the benefits of the European Union. Such a case where an employee responsible for negotiating the purchase of raw material without the consent of the Board or the owner with the...

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