Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

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The advancement of technology has opened new horizons and has completely reformed the life of mankind. The advent of internet was a paradigm shift for everyone; it has transformed the conventional way of communication. Internet is global meeting place which ensures efficient and effective flow of information. Era we are living in, is marked by the prevailing influence of internet. Although internet has bestowed us with countless blessings but these blessings are continuously improving every moment.

Internet has still got great potential and still can offer a lot. Therefore, internet has offered many services like ease of communication, information flow, entertainment and advent of e-commerce. The foremost and main services provided by internet are the ease of communication in every walk of life. It is one of the few endowments of scientific knowledge that have helped ameliorate the global political interactions. The political sphere of interaction has changed immensely worldwide through internet. The term ‘democracy’ has taken a more direct and greater meaning now.

Countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt and Libya are the clear examples of prevailing political instability and the warfare, which more or less has been worsened by the inappropriate and over use of internet; and has affected the political position of these countries globally. Today, nothing is hidden; a single weird movement in a country is spread throughout the world like a wildfire. Perhaps, internet has more often than not steered the country into a more depressing abyss.

The countries have never faced such an adverse condition in past, though there were countries who had political instability, faced battles and even wars; but what was different? The difference this time has been internet. Where media is somewhat controlled and is censored by the government depending on scenarios…...

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