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Advantages of Exporting

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The reason for your company to consider exporting is quite compelling; the following are few of the major advantages of exporting:

Increased Sales and Profits. Selling goods and services to a market the company never had before boost sales and increases revenues. Additional foreign sales over the long term, once export development costs have been covered, increase overall profitability.

Enhance Domestic Competitiveness. Most companies become competitive in the domestic market before they venture in the international arena. Being competitive in the domestic market helps companies to acquire some strategies that can help them in the international arena.

Gain Global Market Shares. By going international companies will participate in the global market and gain a piece of their share from the huge international marketplace.

Diversification. Selling to multiple markets allows companies to diversify their business and spread their risk. Companies will not be tied to the changes of the business cycle of domestic market or of one specific country.

Lower Per Unit Costs. Capturing an additional foreign market will usually expand production to meet foreign demand. Increased production can often lower per unit costs and lead to greater use ofexisting capacities.

Compensate for Seasonal Demands. Companies whose products or services are only used at certain seasons domestically may be able to sell their products or services in foreign markets during different seasons.

Create Potential for Company Expansion. Companies who venture into the exporting business usually have to have a presence or representation in the foreign market. This might require additional personnel and thus lead to expansion.

Sell Excess Production Capacity. Companies who have excess production for any reason can probably sell their products in a foreign market and not be forced to give…...

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